Bubbles & Brunch Event

On 23rd May, I cooked up an amazing array of healthy, delicious brunch recipes for a ‘Bubbles & Brunch’ event hosted by the TV sales company JML. We were there to demonstrate two great new products, the Grill Circle and their brand-new Copper Stone Pans.

The event was held at the prestigious Good Housekeeping Institute in Central London and was attended by the brightest and best food and lifestyle reporters, vloggers and bloggers of the moment, as well as press from all the big publication houses.

The event was introduced by Ken Daly, the CEO of JML, and then I set to work, putting these fantastic new products through their paces.

The Grill Circle is a clever worktop grill that cooks and sears food like a BBQ, it has raised griddle bars that let you get that ‘charred bar’ effect but also keep your food up and out of any rendered fat or liquids so you get direct contact and perfect results but in a really healthy way. The unique features of Grill Circle that I liked the most were the concave design, so that excess fat drains away into a removable drip tray below, and an inbuilt flat hot plate that you can heat a saucepan on, or cook wet food like eggs or melted cheese or warm bread. It’s so convenient as it’s all in one unit!

As for the Copper Stone Pans, I can’t recall using a pan that was more non-stick or better looking! The really attractive cooking surface looks like a combination of stone and copper and I have to say they look great and, like the Grill Circle, they let you cook with hardly any oil or fat.

Altogether I cooked eight delicious brunch recipes, created exclusively for the event, using the Grill Circle and Copper Stone Pans, and these were no ordinary brunch ideas. I cooked everything from vegetarian chickpea pancakes with cumin and tomatoes and then, for the meat lovers, there was pork, duck in orange sauce and even freshwater prawn burgers that got the whole room standing to attention! I cooked sweet and savoury and there was something for everyone.

The emphasis was on quick, tasty, healthy cooking, using no oil or fat, and in no time the room was filled with the most incredible cooking smells that created a wonderful atmosphere for everybody there and an experience they wouldn’t forget.

My food was served as soon as it was cooked for everyone to try, along with a glass of bubbly, and the buzz in the room was amazing.

The bloggers and journalists left with full tummies, an armful of goodies in the form of a goodie bag (containing my exclusive recipes, pens and a Copper Stone Pans, no less) and heads full of great ideas for their next blog, video log or article- all thanks to those two fabulous products, my love of great-tasting healthy food and a little JML magic!


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