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Roasted Pepper Mozzarella Parma Ham Beef Tomato Cottage Picnic Loaf

Roasted Pepper Mozzarella Parma Ham Beef Tomato Cottage Picnic Loaf

This picnic loaf is packed with sweet roasted vegetables, mozzarella and fresh herbs to make a delicious addition to a picnic, or serve in slices at home.

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Hey Hey It's Christmas!

‘Just crackers’ family go for Christmas number one in memory of young mum of two’  



Download the Just Crackers charity single, in association with Cancer Research UK
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A group of family and friends from Buckinghamshire and Berkshirehave come up with the crazy idea of not only writing and producing their own Christmas song, but getting it to the top of the charts – and raising a 1 million pounds for Cancer Research UK (CRUK) in the process! It seems there’s no stopping the determined group aged 2 to 60 who took a wish from a bucket list to write a Christmas song, made it happen, got it recorded professionally and put it on iTunes. It is hoped that the song will raise significant funds for Cancer Research UK. Even before its release on 1 December 2015 it has already raised over two thousand pounds.

The idea started when ‘Dad’ (Terry Reeve) wrote a bucket list for his 60th birthday. After years of discussions in the family of a dwindling presence of ‘real’ Christmas songs that reach number one at Christmas, he decided he wanted to write his own song. ‘Daughter’ (Emily Foulkes) agreed it was time - this year – the year of the ‘big 60’ - to tick this one off the bucket list!

“With so many of our lives touched by the painful experiences of cancer and friends and family currently going through the difficult times, we thought what better than to dedicate our Christmas song challenge to them and try and raise some money”, said Emily. She added that even though there is heaps of enthusiasm for this which really comes across in the song, they are by no means experts:

“We are not singers, in fact many of us cannot string a note but we are fully prepared to embarrass ourselves!It's about creating something fun to make people smile over the festive period, and to raise money for Cancer Research UK so more and more people can live to enjoy the rest of their lives cancer free and see in many more Christmases!”

The group of family and friends whose group name is ‘Just Crackers’ are especially inspired to raise money for Cancer Research UK because three people close to them have terminal cancer; sadly earlier this month, one of them passed away. The mother of two young boys, Faye Leach, was just 28. The news of Faye’s death has motivated the group behind the song even more in their mission to raise money for the cause. Her mum, Hazel Jefferies said: “As Faye's mum I know she was excited about this song being released to help others to fight this horrible disease. She would be so proud of being part of the fun”.  

The song is being supported by Cancer Research UK – the money being raised by the ‘Just Crackers’ group will go towards the charity which funds research to get new and better treatments to cancer patients faster.

The song, ‘Hey Hey it’s Christmas’ which will have you singing along in no time, was recorded professionally a few weeks ago. It was filmed by Allan Michie, who himself, has terminal cancer, after he stepped in to help out with the filming when he heard about the cause:

"When I saw a call for a videographer to film the recording I thought, why not?" he said: "I have not beaten cancer and I won't but I feel I have actually been quite lucky. I was given a year to live two years ago and as I am medically retired from work now, I have been able to spend some time doing what I want and that's more than many. Cancer is hitting us all, directly or not, and quite simply it needs all the funding it can get. Someday there'll be a breakthrough and we'll find the drug. I just hope that will be sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I love the fact that I can help a cause that is close to my heart and I have had fun doing it".

The song will be released on 1 December. It will be available on iTunes and YouTube, and is available now, on pre-order at Amazon.


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Getting Ready for Summer

Juicy Chicken with English Strawberries

Juicy Chicken with English Strawberries

Although this sounds a little bizarre, it comes from a very old English recipe, I cooked this dish in the early 80's, it is delicious I promise. The acid from the strawberries breaks down the structure of the meat very well indeed, similar to the reaction of marinating meat in yoghourt Indian style. It also utilises the very soft strawberries left over in the bottom of the punnet.

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Smoked Garlic Pine Nut & Tarragon Parsley Stuffing

Smoked Garlic Pine Nut & Tarragon Parsley Stuffing

A delicious roast deserves a fantastic stuffing, and this one certainly packs a flavour punch.

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