Kelly Bronze Turkeys.

In 1983 they launched their own KellyBronze® which, with the KellyChicken are leaders in the UK’s traditional farm-fresh market. They believe the secret to their success is the way they breed and raise their birds. Kelly Turkeys have this year introduced their first flocks into the local woodland.

These birds live day and night in the woodland, foraging naturally and roosting in the trees at night. This move, to make their farming methods more “extensive” and environmentally friendly should produce a fitter, happier, less stressed bird. The plan is to plant more woodland and expand this scheme year on year and for this reason, we think they are a seriously good producer.

Springate Farm
Bicknacre Road

01245 223581
Fax:01245 226124
Web: www.kelly-turkeys.com

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