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Continental Cuisine


Day 2

Up early and away to breakfast, gradually the crew arrives. We pick up all the stuff and get back into our pimped up bus and go back to the airport. The sun is out on this beautiful day, so take advantage and get some General Video (GV) of the surrounding mountains with a dusting of snow.

We meet Olaf and film a sequence getting on a small plane. The other passengers seem slightly bemused as we film over and over again.

Once everyone is on the small plane, our captain, Ola Giaever Jr. says he will do whatever we want, including filming in the cockpit (good old Wideroe Airways). He says when we take off he will fly over the mountain range called the Lyngon Alps, so we can get some lovely scenic shots. Normally he goes a different route, but says its up to us.

We fly and film and film more, Matt in the cockpit.
Our first stop is Hammerfest an oil and gas town, then quickly onto Honningsvag. On this leg of the journey I sit in the cockpit for take-off, it’s a spectacular sight.

This time we fly around the North Cape at the tip of Norway, he good weather makes it a spectacular sight.
We land on a very small runway and get all our get together. We transfer to the Sarnes fishing huts some 15 minutes from the airport. Again its a stunning place with fabulous views. These huts are for tourists and are very nice inside.
We film the reindeer and the other GV shots. Goril sorts out all the ingredients and cooking equipment, she is fantastic, if I ever got stuck on a desert island, she would be the person I would take.

After a quick bite to eat, David our man for the day is on-hand to explain what we are going to do. He takes out tourists and students to haul up the huge King Crab here in these waters. They are huge and have gradually made their way from Russian waters. We all tog up in dry suits and head out into the bay, its great fun.
We do a few pieces to camera and then haul up a trap, its packed full of what I can only describe as the biggest crabs I have ever seen in my life. They are enormous! David explains they can get up to 14-15kg and measure 2 metres from claw to claw. We film and then go back to the huts. David asks me if I want to go in the a survival suit. Well I'm up for anything, and get changed and hop in. The crew film me and then leave...ha ha ha...all very funny...

Once out and dry we set up for the cooking sequence. We film a dish of sauté bacon, turnips, potatoes, boiled King Crab with mayo and fresh dill. First thing is to light a fire on the beach and boil the crabs in seawater, perfect.
Next, cut and sauté the lovely soft, smokey bacon that Goril had found, along with potatoes and the sweetest turnips I have ever eaten. Goril eats them like an apple.

Once cooked, the crab is removed from the shell and cut into large chunks, then added to the warm potato mixture. Off the heat, I add a few blobs of mayo and a lot of roughly chopped fresh dill. Matt gets his close ups and right on cue a herd of wild reindeer wander over the ridge and along the beach, perfect. The setting sun gives the mountains a lovely warm glow.

We all have a quick glass of wine lightly chilled from the fjord, its delicious and a lovely way to finish the day.
The crew the all take a dip in the freezing sea, all very funny to watch, then to warm up everyone hops into a Jacuzzi set on the deck of an old fishing boat. It’s very relaxing.

After a quick shower and change we head into the large tee pee, complete with roaring log fire for a King Crab supper. Huge plates of juicy succulent crab are handed around on large wooden boards. So much in fact we cannot eat it all. I bring some of my cooked potatoes and bacon with lashings of mayo completes a lovely meal.

Nigel Matt and I have a camera competition, and the girlies drink the wine. It’s not long before we all head off to bed in our respective huts.

I fall asleep really quickly, full moon flooding the room, it’s quite a chilly night.

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