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PORK - Everything you ever need to know

book Pork

‘PORK’ is the celebration of the world’s most popular meat and showcases it’s fantastic versatility. It is Phil’s latest book, co-written with award-winning butcher Simon Boddy, they both explore the cooking and preserving of pork from around the globe. Sample some fantastic recipes and beautiful photography from the book, as well as seeing where and when you can find out more about the launch, or maybe even grab yourself a signed copy.

With everything from dry-cured ham, chorizo and salami, to bratwurst, smoked pig cheek pancetta and hot dogs, pot-roasted pork belly with apples celery & cider; this book has it all.

"A wonderful book with mouth-watering recipes. It's everything you want to know about one of the world’s favourite staples." - Ken Hom

Out now! Click here to order it from Amazon today.

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