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Phil's Island Hops

Isles of Scilly

006I have been to the Isles of Scilly (not the Scilly isles, apparently) a couple of times before. It was a few years ago and not at the best time of the year, late winter. Then it was a bit bleak and cold and it did rain quite a lot.

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Isle of Sark

004I did know there were no cars, just tractors, 96 of them, bikes, and the occasional electric trike. The population is about 600 come or go a few, but what a peaceful, charming place.

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Isle of Bute

ButeI was really surprised at how long the trip was to get to this lovely island. I left home at 8.40am and was in my guest house at 3pm. This included a 1 hour car ride to Gatwick then 2 hours on a plane to Glasgow. 20 minutes waiting for the hire car, then a 20 minute drive and a piece to camera at Greenock.

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Isle of Anglesey

004This trip was always going to be a challenge, basically due to the fact we had to drive from home, with all the kit. Sadly we could not really fly, so we set off at early afternoon and arriving early evening after a lovely drive including driving over the famous Menai bridge.

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Isle of Gibraltar

001This huge rock is about it, with a little reclaimed land dotted about. On closer inspection you see that the only thing that separates itself from the Spanish mainland is the airport runway which doubles as a road but the road has to close several times a day so the planes can land.

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