This is not really a recipe. I wouldn't be so silly to try and chef-up a hot dog!. It's more a discussion of the various types of hot dogs and just a few combinations I like.


General Tips

  • Always cook sausages slowly. This ensures you get no splits or explosions. I add a little oil also to stop them from scorching. Do not overcook, or the texture will be dry and rough. I pan fry mine slowly, then finish under a grill or in a moderate oven. I often cook mine the day before, cool, chill and reheat when needed.

Hot Dog

  • Warm the hot dog to the instructions, then place it into a hot dog roll. Top with ketchup, yellow mustard and or pickled jalapenos.

Meguez Hot Dog

  • Cook the sausages as per the instructions above. Make the salad/slaw and the harissa mayo, fill a pitta, add the sausage, and top with the mayo.

British Hot Dog

  • Cook the Cumberland ring as per instructions above.Cook the onions. Add the ring to the bap/barm or muffin. Top with the onions and English mustard.
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